Young Miniatures Historical Range of Busts

We’ve got another review for you.This time
it’s of the Young Miniatures range of historical busts in 1/10th scale. Young Miniatures is based in Korea. They produce figures in different scales 70mm, 90mm & so on. They do military & historical & even
civilian busts, so check out their catalogue. You can get these also from Historex Agents. They’ve sent us these for review
& we’re just going to use them as a cross-section of all the different
figures, there’s about 40 in all in the historical range, all sculpted by
different figure sculptors but all of excellent quality & they come in resin. First up, there’s a Roman cavalry officer 180 BC. An infantryman from the 92nd
Gordon Highlanders from the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. This is a character & a half, a very rugged-looking Highland clansman. The master is by Young B. Song. One of the things we really like is that Young Miniatures chooses faces you might recognize from films & so on. Here’s a face that might be familiar,
especially for fans of Sean Connery. It’s a Templar Knight in Jerusalem. Not only is it an enticing-looking
subject but there’s the fun of trying to recreate a
famous face. A Greek Hoplite is next from antiquity. And again, another figure from the world of filmmaking. From Master & Commander. You might recognize that face, Russell
Crowe. Obviously it’s not overtly referenced as that but you can see the inspiration. Captain Jack or Lucky Jack. The master
is by Ahn Jun Sik. All the Young Miniatures range are really well packaged in a sturdy box with inspiring box art. Everything’s well-packaged. And here you can see the contents. You get the bust itself or the upper
torso. And this is an opportunity to show you the
level of sculpting, the movement in the fabric & the tassels is really exemplary, there’s some great detail as well on the breastplate. You can see how nicely rendered the cloak is Of course, the face is very
important to figure modellers & there you can see how well sculpted it is. Moving on, this is the Gordon Highlander
figure. And there’s a chance to quickly see the
detail on the torso. All these figures are designed to be
a real pleasure to paint, the emphasis is on quality & you can
see that this will really inspire experts & novices alike. It’s our opinion, that these sort of figures, though slightly more expensive for a novice, are an excellent proving ground or testing
ground for your figure painting techniques & this scale, 1/10th scale, is
perfect to hone your skills. The clansman here, obviously that face is the attraction, really rugged, wrinkly, old grumpy face – fantastic! Here’s our Templar Knight. In this one because of the headgear, the face comes as a separate
piece. Worth mentioning the level of skill in sculpting chain mail like that. In all these sets you get appropriate
extras & this one it’s a shield that goes on the figure’s back. Chance now to take a closer look at the
Greek figure. The master this time is also by Young B. Song & it shows a supreme mastery of the
sculpting & casting There’s the face. Rounding off our review
is the Lucky Jack figure. These are very quick
to assemble the idea is that you focus on the painting & when you see details
like that, there’s going to be a real challenge but also
a real satisfaction in getting all that sort of finely-sculpted detail accurately & realistically painted. We haven’t found a single bubble or air bubble or imperfection in any of these castings. There’re plenty more, if you look at any of
these boxes you can see just even more cross-sections of their
historical subjects. There’s plenty of choice in this
historical range This is just a brief introduction, we
hope you’ve enjoyed it & thanks for watching.

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