Zoo Med ReptiCare® Terrarium Timer

Hey there, reptile fans! Today we’re going
to go over a new item from Zoo Med: The ReptiCare® Terrarium Timer. This 24-hour, programmable Timer automatically controls when your terrarium lamp is on.
This makes it easy to provide a healthy day-and-night cycle for your reptiles.
Setting up is simple. First decide on when you want your Timer to turn on. For
this demonstration, we want our lamp to turn on in the morning at 7 a.m., and
turn off at night at 8 p.m. On the Timer, locate the black ring of tabs around the
dial. Each of these tabs represents 15 minutes. The a.m. hours are indicated by the black rim on the dial, while the p.m. hours are indicated by the white. Push down the tabs adjacent to
the times you want the lamp to be on. After you’ve programmed the hours of
activation, turn the dial until the arrow on the timer’s face points to the
current time of day. For now we’ll say it’s 3:30 p.m. Once you’ve set up the
Timer, plug it into the power socket you plan on using. A red LED will light up
whenever the Timer’s socket is active. Notice the red bypass switch on the side.
When the switch is set to ‘Timer,’ it will provide power according to the times set.
When set to ‘On,’ it will provide constant power. Check for this light when using
the Timer to make sure both the outlet and the Timer are working. Also make sure the device you’re plugging into the Timer is set to the ‘On’ position. if you
followed these directions correctly, your ReptiCare® Terrarium Timer is now ready
to use. That’s all for now, thanks for watching.

19 Replies to “Zoo Med ReptiCare® Terrarium Timer”

  1. Do you have to program it again every day? Or after doing it once will it turn on and off at those times forever?

  2. So I have the big one does the big one switch the day and night lights on and off automatically? And which outlet is the day and which is night? If my question makes sense lol

  3. *do you have to reset it everytime after a day like if you set it 9pm only does electricity also go on every 9 pm without needing to reset it again? *

  4. ok well i just plugged mine in and there's no orange light the orange light only comes on when I switch the switch to on and this is the 2nd one I have purchased the other would come on correctly then for about 2 days then be almost a hour late turning off then I have to sit down and reset it all over again

  5. What is the difference between this timer and aquasun timer. Actually aquasun timers are not available in India, so I am planning to buy this timer and use it on my aquarium, is it okay if I do so??

  6. Thanks!! I figured it out easily with this video, the instructions were so unclear….. My first timer was faulty so I had to buy another one… But the second works perfectly fine! I have two now though haha

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